f.r.e.e. - Flexible Registration and Evaluation Engine


ToDo/Wish list

Here is a list of things that are planned to be added or done in the future, but haven't made it into the current version.

  • Checking the orthography of the entire documentation
  • Rework the initialization of transformation components. Introducing initialization components that can be added as sub component if translation should be initialized in a special way. Use of the controller profile to ensure sensible combinations of initialization components and transformation components.
  • Finishing the reimplementation of freeSetup by using FLTK. The former GUI based setup editor was based on MFC and thus not platform independent.
  • Finishing the GUI implementation of the tools.
  • Finishing the implementation of affecters response in the controllers of f.r.e.e. (part of the new setup editor requirements)
  • Adding more tutorials and examples to lighten the usage of f.r.e.e. and show how to add your own components to the system.
  • Adding a universal process component which is a wrapper for a shell/bash command. Thus it can be used to adding virtually any program to the component set of free as long as it is able to load and write data files.


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