f.r.e.e. - Flexible Registration and Evaluation Engine

New Release (v0.8.3) and tutorials
by Ralf Floca
This version fixes several bugs and makes some additions (examples, extended evaluation view xslt). Also new tutorials and concept documents have been added.
The current release of f.r.e.e. was now successfully built and tested on:
Please go to the download page for more information or to download the new release.
Release of v0.8.2
by Ralf Floca
This version fixes several bugs of f.r.e.e. on POSIX based OS.
The current release of f.r.e.e. was now successfully built and tested on:
- Suse Linux 10.3 with gcc 4.2.1
- Windows XP with VS 2005
- Windows NT with VS 2003
- Cygwin with gcc 3.4.4

Please download the new revision v0.8.2 at the download page
Documentation and survey added
by Ralf Floca
A small survey is online that should help to evaluate the usage of f.r.e.e.. Please participate in the survey, if you have not done yet.
There are new additions in the document section. The first tutorial and installation guide have been added. Also the accepted authors manuscript of the first article concerning f.r.e.e. is available now.
Revision patched to v0.8.1
by Ralf Floca
Due to a bug in the install script of the f.r.e.e. the demos "Demo_evalRegistration1" and "Demo_evalRegistration2" missed a file, if they were excuted after installing the build. The bug is fixed now. Also some additions to the project documentation (e.g. a project directory overview) were done.
Please download the new revision v0.8.1 at the download page
f.r.e.e. at www.sourceforge.net
by Ralf Floca
F.r.e.e. can now also be found at sourceforge. The project name of f.r.e.e. at sourceforge is "freetk". The project can be found at http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/freetk. Please use the communication possibilities offered there (e.g. forum, bug tracker), if you have any questions, requests or remarks.
First public release of f.r.e.e.
by Ralf Floca
For the first time f.r.e.e. is publicly available. The first release version is 0.8. Hopefully it will be of use for others like it is for our own research.


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