f.r.e.e. - Flexible Registration and Evaluation Engine

  • How do I cite the use of f.r.e.e. in a publication?
    You can cite the following paper:
    R. Floca and H. Dickhaus. A flexible registration and evaluation engine (f.r.e.e.). Comput. Methods Prog. Biomed. 87(2), 2007, 81-92.

    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cmpb.2007.04.009
    This paper is available as an accpeted author manuscript in the documentation section.

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  • How do I participate?
    As f.r.e.e. is an open-source system, you can participate. At http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/freetk you can post bug reports, requests or offer suggestions to improve f.r.e.e.. You can also subscribe to the mailing list freetk-users@lists.sourceforge.net. If you are interested in a cooperation or want to support the project send an email to Ralf Floca or go to the project site at sourceforge.net.

    Further it would be very nice and would support the doctoral thesis (within its scope f.r.e.e. was developed), if you could just email a short note to Ralf Floca or participate in this small survey. It would be of great interest with regard to the finalization of the thesis to know whether and how often f.r.e.e. is used.
  • Do I need ITK to build f.r.e.e.?
    Yes. F.r.e.e. makes heavily use of itk. And won't work without it.
  • It is a bit pesky to write setups and adaption lists manually. Is there an editor?
    Yes you are right. Especially in the beginning it might be error prone or confusing to edit the xml files manually. There was a setup editor and there will be one again soon. The old version had a GUI based on MFC. Thus it doesn't fit in the philosophy of maximum platform independence. The new setup editor will be online till the end of this year (2007).
  • Why do you reference FLTK? I cannot find any trace of GUI in the framework?
    Right now the GUI versions of all tools are in development but haven't reached a releasable version. Therefore the GUI is deactivated in the cmake configuration. Like the setup editor, the other tools will be released as GUI version this year.
  • Do I need FLTK to build f.r.e.e.?
    No. It will only be required if you want to build the tools with a GUI.
  • What is the difference between f.r.e.e. and freetk?
    In short: Nothing.
    More detailted: "f.r.e.e." is the original name. Freetk was added because sourceforge.net needs a unique unix name for every project. And gues what, the "unusual" term "free" was already taken. Also it goes with the name style of many other "tk" projects that are used by f.r.e.e. (e.g. itk or FLTK). A mnemonic: freetk stands for "f.r.e.e. ToolKit".


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