f.r.e.e. - Flexible Registration and Evaluation Engine


Welcome to the Flexible Registration and Evaluation Engine (f.r.e.e.). F.r.e.e. is an open source software system and is published under the GNU public license. Currently under active development, f.r.e.e. allows the composition, evaluation and optimization of (registration) algorithms. F.r.e.e. uses the Insight Toolkit (itk) for basic image processing and registration tasks.

F.r.e.e. was developed at the department of Medical Informatics of the University of Heidelberg.

The goals for the project include the following:

  • Establish a foundation for registration tasks in medical applications
  • Allow a fast development by dynamic composition of new registration approaches
  • Support the exchange of algorithms and test data and thus ultimately a better comparability
  • Develop a platform for evaluation of (registration) approaches
  • Create concept and tools for the automatic optimization of (registration) approaches
  • Offer the results to the community of image processing developers, scientists and users


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